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Dated: May 5 2020

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Simplifying The Market for You

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Working with a Buyer’s Representative

Are you a first time home buyer who has done their homework on how to buy your first home? You have searched through websites and read books that say that you should find an Exclusive Buyer Agent or Buyer Broker. It is important for you to understand why it is the right choice for you to work with a Buyer’s Agent.

Our duty is to represent you and only your best interest in the real estate transaction.  This means we work for you, as part of your exclusive team, to help you get the right home at the right price. As professionals with significant expertise and experience, we generally start out by meeting with you either in person or over the phone to discuss your wants and needs and to provide you with an overview of the mortgage process.  We ask you questions and give you answers to help you understand the process from start to closing.  The home buying process may seem complicated and overwhelming, but your Buyer’s Agent will be at your side each step of the way!

What happens when you buy a new construction home from a builder without using a Realtor?


What can you do to help me when looking for a new home?


1️⃣ "You know how some homeowners are afraid that they won't get as much from a builder on the purchase of a new construction home if they use a Realtor?”

2️⃣ "I solve that by educating buyers how to buy like a seller and then negotiate on their behalf, so that deciding to sell years later doesn't end up costing from paying too much to begin with."

3️⃣ "The proof is that I'm often able to keep my buyers from purchasing the wrong home, the wrong features for resale and instead, getting what they really want without paying for my services."

Builders have a built in marketing budget for the sale whether you buy directly or use an agent. Builders love agents who bring a buyer because it usually means less hand-holding throughout the build and emotions tend to run high for the buyer, during new construction. The contracts are typically written for the builder by the builder’s lawyer which of course, protects the interests of the builder, not necessarily the buyer. You don’t save anything by going directly to the builder and in fact, you could lose a lot by not using a Buyer’s Representative Agreement with a licensed Realtor. You might also make the mistake of not having a licensed inspector check the property before closing, relying on the builder to do what is best on your behalf. Often, when it comes to negotiations, emotions run high over the place you can’t wait to call “home.” Paying too much for a home you can’t sell, without a huge loss down the road, is avoidable. Phyllis Miller is a Certified Negotiations Expert.

The best part is that your buyer’s agent services do not cost you, the buyer, a penny!

Buying a new or previously owned home in today's market is more difficult than ever before, especially for first-time buyers whom may lack the experience of the full list of questions and concerns involved in home purchasing and home ownership. There are so many choices.  There are hundreds of websites with homes for sale that can make things very confusing.  Some websites are great and others provide information which can be inaccurate or misleading. Listen to your agent. We will help you to obtain factual information.   In addition to the financing and construction questions, there are things to consider like seller representations, home inspections, the condition of the sewer or plumbing, zoning restrictions that might have an impact on remodeling or adding on, neighborhood issues and organizations, the accessibility of public transportation, and much more. Your Buyer’s Agent will research the subject property to gather data and comps (CMA-Comparative Market Analysis) to help you make an educated decision on a negotiating strategy, initial offer price, and where to draw the line. As your Buyer’s Agent, we will provide an answer to any real estate question you have. In the case we wouldn’t have the answer, we have taken a pledge to find out who does have the answer and provide that to our home-buyer. We are trained and dedicated to making the buyer's experience fulfilling and successful, and are especially attuned to the needs of first-time buyers. Our goal is to help you achieve the best deal that most completely meets all of your needs, from floor-plan to price range.

Want to know more?  Call to schedule a meeting, either in person or on the phone, and learn if we are a good fit for your real estate needs.

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Why You'll Want to Work with a Buyer's Agent - Oh My

Simplifying The Market for YouWorking with a Buyer’s Representative Are you a first time home buyer who has done their homework on how to buy your first home? You have searched through

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